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About Australia

Key Facts about Australia

Key Facts about Australia

Key Facts about Australia

Australian States and Territories

New South Wales


South Australia



Western Australia

The internal territories are:

Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory

The Flag of Australia

The Australian flag has a blue background with the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain, in the upper left corner. It also has a group of stars that represent the Southern Cross constellation, the Commonwealth Star, and the crosses of St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick. 

The Commonwealth Star is the emblem of Australian Federation. The Six points represent the states and the seventh all the federal territories which together constitute the nation, the Commonwealth of Australia.

The flag symbolizes Australia’s identity, history, land, people, and values. It shows Australia’s connection to the British Empire and its federation of states and territories. The flag is treated with dignity and belongs to all Australians equally.

Cultural Diversity in Australia (as at 2021)


of the population were born overseas

The top 5 languages spoken at home, (other than English) were:
The Top 5 religious affiliations were: