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Myanmar Community

Australian Myanmar Communities

Australian Myanmar Communities

You can join Myanmar organisations, community groups in NSW as much as you want. Please using the following directory to connect you to other like minded Myanmar people in Australia.


Our mission is to serve the communities of the peoples of Burma (Myanmar) by providing resources, experience, opportunities, relief and enhancing self-help.

Servicing the settlement needs of the Kachin people in Australia (Est. 2006)

ဂကောံမန်ဍုင်အဝ်သတြေလျာ။ Australia Mon Association Inc

The purpose for this committee is to work for the Karen people who had resettled in this country especially in socio-political perspective.

We are a coalition of Myanmar student societies across 14 universities in Australia from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

Next Gen Myanmar is a multi-ethnic collective group of young individuals based in Sydney, Australia. Founded after the military coup took place in Myanmar on February 1st 2021, we aim to raise awareness, take action and help from outside of Myanmar.

Australia Kachin Baptist Youth


Our mission is to harness and leverage the collective skills, knowledge, and resources of individuals and organizations from across the diverse sectors, both public and private- Government, NGOs and academic sectors to help improve the wellbeing in the communities – both in Australia and Burma.

This Group is designed to bring Myanmar Generation XYZ together to get connected, look after & help each other. It’s time to show Solidarity of who we are & how we’ve all become so close through the hell that we all went through from February 1st.

The Australian National University Myanmar Students' Association is the students' community which represents the Myanmar students who are studying at ANU.

This is the official page of the Myanmar Cultural Society formed by Burmese students attending the University of Sydney. Message us for more information, and if you wish to keep up with our events, simply like our page!

With MSS UNSW marking our 10th year anniversary, we aim to raise unity amongst Myanmar students and to promote and maintain Burmese culture. We also help provide a smoother transition for Myanmar students in adapting to changes in the environment by providing a community away from home.