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About Australia

Australian Culture

Australian Culture

Fair Go

Australians believe in the right to a “fair go” regardless of a person’s background. We believe everyone should be treated with respect, equality and fairness.

Play by the rules

Australian is governed by many laws, rules and regulations and all are expected to follow rules.

Easy Going

Aussies are known to be ‘laid back’ and ‘easy going’. Workplaces can be easy going as long as the job is done, and policies and procedures are followed.

Respect for democracy

Australians value human rights and freedom of democracy.


A culture that embodies equality, loyalty and friendship which is a very important part of Australian life

Aussie Humour

To be an “Aussie” means having a good sense of humour. It is a part of Australian culture. Not meant to offend but to add lighter touch to a conversation and make situation less tense.


• Punctuality is important, especially for formal appointments. Friends and family members can be more forgiving, but it is always courteous to phone and text someone if you’re going to be late.

• When using public transport  be courteous to the elderly, pregnant women or someone with a disability and ensure you do not sit on seats allocated for those with less mobility. 

• Swearing is relatively common in Australia and it’s usually used in jest amongst friends. 

• Please respect queues when boarding any vehicle or waiting in line at the grocery store. Pushing in is frowned upon, although it is polite to allow someone behind you to go ahead if they have a few items.

• The legal drinking age is 18 and it’s common amongst friends and colleagues to offer rounds and take turns paying. 

• It’s common to split bills when eating a meal with a large group, not one person is expected to pay for the entire bill. 

• People are generally very friendly and forgiving by nature, due to our humility and easygoingness. This is not something to be taken for granted and showing an element of appreciation where appropriate.