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Things to do in NSW

Things to do in NSW

Visit iconic spots in Sydney such as the world famous Sydney Opera House and visit the Sydney Museum of Art while you’re at it!

Experience the world famous beaches that Sydney has to offer! Manly, Coogee and Bondi.

Pro tip: The water becomes cold during the winter! Going to the beach during summer time is a very fun and exciting activity for everyone.

Australian zoos are also home to a lot of different local australian wildlife and familiarize yourselves with all of the animals in Australia can enrich knowledge about the local landscape.

Bushwalking in places around Sydney such as the famous Blue Mountains. Trains from the city travel directly to the blue mountains. Sit back and relax while on a captivating trip to the blue mountains
  • There are multiple bushwalking trails in the blue mountains and each has its own unique pros and cons and try them one at a time.
Pro tip: Check the weather before going there and wear appropriate clothes when hiking.
Come to the blue mountains early in the morning to maximise the time in seeing all the beauty that the blue mountains can offer

Australia is home to multiple zoos and parks where a family can come together, walk and relax.

  • Australian zoos feature the iconic kangaroo and koala and there are opportunities to pet the kangaroo as well as take photographs with both animals.

Pro tip: Taronga Zoo and Luna park is within the city, these are accessible through public transport, either train or ferry