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First Nations People

First Nations People

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the traditional custodians of the land. There are a variety of languages, cultures and traditions that are still being practiced today, which contributes to Australian environment, economic and cultural landscape. It was reported that in 2011,  there were about 670,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, which makes up 3 percent of the Australian population.

Aboriginal Flag

The Aboriginal Flag  is a symbol of unity and identity of  the Aboriginal People. The Black portion of the flag represents the Aboriginal people, the Yellow center represents the sun, the Red depicts the earth and people’s relationship to the land. It also represents ochre, which is used by Aboriginal people in ceremonies.

Torres Strait Islander Flag

The flag was created as a symbol of unity and identity for Torres Strait Islander peoples. The cultures and traditions of Torres Strait Islanders are strongly connected to the land, sea and sky — elements which are represented in the flag.  The green panels at the top and bottom of the flag represent the land and the central blue panel represents the sea. The black lines dividing the panels represent the Torres Strait Islander people. The centre of the flag shows a white dhari (dancer’s headdress) which represents Torres Strait Islander culture.

Acknowledgement of country

Done at the beginning of certain occasions to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land. It is done to recognise the connection between the First Nations People and the country we live in today (Australia).

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