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Food, Clothing and other Home essentials

Food, Clothing and other Home essentials

Food and Grocery

Major grocery stores and supermarkets such as Woolworths (Woolies), Aldi and Coles offer a wide variety of local and international  food, grocery items, and other home essentials. There are several outlets around Australia and there should be one near you.

Self-serve, express checkout and bulk item grocery checkouts are the primary options to pay for your items using your Credit or Debit card, or pay by cash. You are also able to purchase groceries online and they can be delivered to your door, although you incur additional delivery cost. Coles and Woolworths regularly have items on Special pricing (some are reduced  by 50%).

Myanmar Groceries Online Store and Australia Wide Delivery

Selling high-quality groceries and products from Myanmar which is based in Perth, Australia, focusing on customer service and satisfaction and Australia wide delivery. The range of products is constantly expanding.

Aussie Myanmar Network

Aussie Myanmar Network is for money transfers and sending things to and from to Myanmar and Australia.

Other Home Essentials: